ACAMS 22nd Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference

Compliance Strategies

compliance strategiesCompliance has never been more complex, and these sessions are designed to provide clear-eyed and steady guidance for AML professionals dealing with constant change. From beneficial ownership to human trafficking, personal liability concerns to ever-changing sanctions requirements, these panels, led by AML veterans, provide invaluable analysis and practical advice on meeting compliance’s toughest challenges.

Track Sessions:

  • Taking Ownership of Determining Ultimate Beneficial Ownership
  • Detailing Best AML Practices to Combat Human Trafficking
  • It Could Happen to You: Guarding Against Potential Personal Liability
  • Hot Topics in AML and Financial Crime
  • Sanctions Insight: Risk-based Approaches and Essential Oversight
  • Mastering New Tools to Target CTF’s New Battlefronts

Emerging Technologies

emerging technologiesIncreasingly, technology, analytics and the internet touch every aspect of AML, reshaping the profession and demanding new skills of financial crime professionals in the process. Join experts from both tech and banking experts as they analyze issues such as the use of algorithms to strengthen transaction monitoring, strategically matching AML issues with the correct tech solution, and defending against the scourge of cyber-attacks. These sessions enable attendees to get ahead of the trends – and confidently face the future.

Track Sessions:

  • The Algorithm is Your Friend: Creating and Using Them to Strengthen AML
  • Tech-Based Methods for Enhancing CIP/CDD/EDD and Detecting Suspicious Activity
  • Validating Automated Transaction Monitoring Models: New Methods and Tools
  • The New Risks in Town: Adapting AML for Crowdfunding and other Online Lending Risks
  • Automate the Right Way: Strategically Matching Technology with Specific AML Issues
  • Defending Against Cyber-Based Extortion, Fraud and Ransomware Attacks

NEW  AML Professional Development

aml professional development No one ever got an MBA in AML – but this track helps fill that gap by providing a bounty of real-world solutions to the everyday management challenges facing compliance officers. From recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest, creating enterprise-wide BSA training programs or developing metrics to measure your organization’s culture of compliance, these sessions map practical solutions and best practices for managing multiple tasks, mentoring new talent and building a rewarding career.

Track Sessions:

  • Assembling the Team: Recruiting and Retaining Top AML Talent
  • Start Spreading the News: BSA Training from Tellers to Top Management
  • The Enemy Within: Best Practices for Identifying and Terminating Rogue Employees
  • Testing for a Culture of Compliance
  • A Delicate Balance: Work, Life and Demanding AML Careers

Global Challenges

global challenges Increasingly, fighting money laundering is a global effort, and these sessions provide riveting analysis of developments around the world – and how they impact AML professionals. Topics include new developments for fighting tax evasion, the recent FATF mutual evaluation of the US and strengthening oversight against PEPs and kleptocrats. No one can be everywhere, so these panels bring the world to you.

Track Sessions:

  • The Practical Impact of the FATF Mutual Evaluation on the US AML Professional
  • Updating Approaches for Detecting and Reporting Tax Evasion
  • PEP Spotlight: Kleptocracy and International Money Laundering
  • Securing and Maintaining Correspondent Banking Relationships

NEW  Fraud and Investigations

fraud and investigations It’s not enough to spot a red flag, you have to know how to investigate the problem to its source. This track provides eye-opening and resolutely useful tutorials on investigating and resolving fraud and other financial crimes, whether it’s through the rigorous reviews of forensic accounting or by fortifying SAR oversight to ensure thorough and accurate case resolutions. In a world where law enforcement, regulators and financial institutions depend on effective AML investigations, these can’t-miss sessions tell you what needs to be done – and, more importantly, how to do it.

Track Sessions:

  • Defending Against Securities-Based AML and Fraud Schemes
  • Follow the Money: Using Forensic Accounting to Solve Financial Crimes
  • Systematizing SAR Oversight to Attain Consistent Investigative and Filing Processes

Small Institutions

small institutions When it comes to AML, there’s no question that size matters – which is why we designed these panels specifically for smaller organizations. Delving into topics such as safely banking MSBs, creative ways to stretch limited budgets or dealing with demanding regulatory issues such as look-back reviews, these sessions are of unique and practical benefit to AML officers dealing with the twin challenges of heavy compliances obligations and lean compliance resources.

Track Sessions:

  • Banking MSBs at Smaller Institutions
  • Big Ideas for Stretching Small Compliance Budgets
  • Look Back and Move Forward: Conducting Account Reviews at Smaller Institutions

AML Knowledge

aml knowledge No one can do it all, which means modern compliance programs must depend on external partners for help in areas such as screening technology, data analytics and transaction processing. These sessions are led by ACAMS sponsors, who track the latest industry trends and pinpoint potential productive partnerships you may be overlooking.

NEW  Networking Groups

networking groups Join your colleagues and peers for intensive small-group networking that’s fast, fun and friendly. Each 30-minute group is limited to 40 participants and is designed to enable executives with common interests to exchange insights and ideas – and to forge new connections that will last a lifetime.

NEW  AML Innovations

aml innovations These dynamic 30-minute sponsor-led presentations will focus on cutting-edge compliance products and services and will take place on day two of the conference. Whether reviewing tech innovations or engaging in peer-group information sharing, these concise sessions are rich with new knowledge — the most valuable asset of every compliance professional.