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Award Requirements

Articles published from the December 2017–February 2018 edition through the September–November 2018 edition of ACAMS Today magazines are eligible for nomination.

Featured Articles

Reputationally Exposed Persons and Corruption Risk, by: Carol Stabile

Challenges with the CDD Final Rule Compliance, by: Amy Wotapka

Human Trafficking in Native American Communities, by: Nancy Lake

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Overcome Challenges in Correspondent Banking Relationships, by: David McLaughlin

Assessing Terrorist Financing Through the Lens of the Terrorist Attack Cycle, by: Dennis M. Lormel

Final Rule: Achieving Successful Implementation, by: Jaime A. Verastegui

Sluicing Public Data, by: Angel Nguyen Swift

Whales, Sharks and Flounders: Conceptualizing Real-World Money Laundering, by: Paul Camacho

Lawyers, Drugs and Money: AML in Popular Media, by: John Bandler

An offer you can’t refuse?, by: Eric A. Sohn

Politically Exposed Persons: Policy vs. Local Corruption, by: Nathalie Bosse and Dan Benisty

Seismic Monitoring and Testing: Detecting a Compliquake, by: Sachin Shah

Milestone: Recent AML Developments in Taiwan, by: Anne Tsai

AI Uprising: Is my job at risk?, by: Sanjeev Menon

Attaining Success: Where do we start?, by: Sanjeev Menon

Community Bankers and Human Trafficking, by: Robert J. Soniat (Joe)

Cryptocurrencies and the BSA, by: Chris Phillips

Organ Trafficking: The Unseen Form of Human Trafficking, by: Christina Bain, Joseph Mari and Dr. Francis L. Delmonico

Chasing Cultural Property, by: Raymond Villanueva and Mary E. Cook

Real Considerations for Law Enforcement in Seizing Virtual Currency, by: Dwayne King and Peter Warrack

Challenges and Best Practices Surrounding the BSA/AML Independent Reviews, by: Elaine Yancey

Are you missing the smoking gun?, by: Sarah Beth Felix and Lauren Kohr

Cybersecurity: Confronting Impersonation Fraud as Banks Reorganize, by: Miguel Alcántar

Border Less, by: Eric A. Sohn

Cheaters Never Prosper, by: Dennis M. Lormel

Tuning Up BSA/AML, by: Steve Gurdak

A Post-Task Force Paradigm: The Community of Interest, by: Gregory Mandoli

Life-Changing Suits: Befitting Occupations, by: Stacey Ivie and Sanjeev Menon

A Great Gangster Story with a Lesson on Leadership, by: Paul Camacho

Regulating a Game Changer—Europe’s Approach to Cryptocurrencies, by: Jennifer Hanley-Giersch

Hard Times for Whistleblowers, by: Nathalie Bosse

The Eradication of Organ Trafficking: A Case of Partnerships and Protocols in AML Environments, by: Cameron Field, Christina Bain, H.E. Msgr. Professor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo and Dr. Francis L. Delmonico

De-Risking and the Effects on the World’s Neediest, by: Andrea Hall

Avoiding Personal Liability is a Personal Responsibility for BSA Officers, by: Amy Wotapka

Sanctions Double Dutch, by: Eric A. Sohn

Communications Data Retention: Reconciling Privacy and Security, by: Miguel Alcántar

Sports Betting: Improving Your Odds Against AML Risk, by: Carol Stabile

After the Equifax Data Breach: Cybersecurity and Identity Theft Protection for Financial Institutions and their Customers, by: John Bandler

AML’s Road Trip, by: Steve Gurdak

Integrating Cyber Incidents Into Your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program, by: Eric Barzydlo and Lauren Kohr

Betting on Technology to Keep Pace With AML Compliance Requirements, by: Joel Borsh and Craig Robertson

Terrorist Financing: Visualizing Funding Flows, by: Dennis M. Lormel

Geography Risk, by: Benay Nachin

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What do we know?, by: Beth Herron and Robert Goldfinger

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Coming…, by: Steve Cohen

APG: Anti-Money Laundering Mutual Evaluation—Satisfactory Achievements and Future Effectiveness of Macau, by: Lao Chak Kuong

Dealing With Gaps in Your Resume and Employment History, by: Sanjeev Menon, John Liberatore, Zachary Plotkin and Alyssa Podbielski

Brand New Currencies Search For Good Old Regulators, by: Nathalie Bosse

The Future of Community Banking: Artificial Intelligence, Sanctions and Cryptocurrency, by: Rebecca “Becky” Schauer Robertson

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    Last day for entries
  • September 24, 2019
    Winner will be announced in Las Vegas


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