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Award Requirements

Articles published from the December 2016–February 2017 edition through the September-November 2017 edition of ACAMS Today magazines are eligible for nomination.

Featured Articles

Sanctions and the New Due Diligence Standards, by Brian Arrington and Ann Broeker

More Than 30 Pieces of Silver: Is your house of worship vulnerable to fraud?, by Delena D. Spann

Private Schools and Money Laundering, by Anthony Robinson

Avoiding the Rabbit Hole: A Look at Improving Investigation Efficiency, by Ed Beemer and Lauren Hughes

AML in Asia: 2016 in Review, by Hue Dang

Suspicious Activity and Loans at Community Banks – Are you complying with the BSA when it comes to loans?, by Elaine Yancey

Changes to Negative News Search Results May Red Flag Efforts to Evade AML/CTF Detection, by Miguel Alcántar

Putting Data to Work for the Regulated, by Michael Flowers

Risk Mitigation and HSBC’s Financial Settlement, by Sabrina Persaud

Something Ain’t Right: Black hole or not?, by James P. Cummings

Resume Tips for the AML Professionals, by Amy Wotapka

Know Your Customer: Enhanced Requirements, by Jennifer Hanley-Giersch

The Hidden Challenges of Training, by Mike Loughnane

The AML Risk Puzzle – What does AML risk really mean?, by Lisa Varner

Are compliance testing functions aligned or overlapping?, by Alba Kiihl

Cyber Security: Fake News, Bots, Botnets and Click Fraud, by Miguel Alcántar

De-Risking and Financial Inclusion, by Paul Taylor and Juan Martinez

20 Minute AML Investigations, by Steve Gurdak

Developing Terrorist Financing Typologies for AML Programs, by Dennis M. Lormel

A SARS and STRIPS Retrospective, by Ed Beemer & Grant Brownrigg

Hiding in Plain Sight, by Sachin Shah

How Fintech is Changing the Compliance Landscape, by Carol Stabile

Fintech: Two Sides of the Compliance Coin, by Robert Evans and Gemma Rogers

Top Talent: Finders Keepers, by Lauren Kohr and Zach Miller

Marketing 101: How an AML Professional can Increase Marketability, by Amy Wotapka

Fourth time’s the charm?, by Eric A. Sohn

The Human Side of Cyber Risk, by Tom Miller

Ending Modern Slavery: The Financial Industry’s Role, by Terri Luttrell and Emily Gasper

The True Walking Dead: The Apocalypse, by James A. Cox III

Combating Cyber Fraud in Correspondent Banking, by Tony Wicks

Ethically Enhanced Due Diligence and Human Trafficking, by Peter Warrack and Joseph Mari

Stemming the Flow of Cybercrime Payments, by John Bandler

Cybersecurity: Indicators of Compromise, by Miguel Alcántar

Cybersecurity and BSA/AML, by Robert J. Soniat

The Success of Public-Private Partnerships, by Daniel Michener

Advancing AML Programs While Adopting New Technology, by Brad Dolbec

The Importance of Having a Solid Compliance Culture, by Jaime Verástegui

The Blocktrain has Left the Station, by Leonardo Real and Joseph Mari

Artificial Intelligence: The Implications of False Positives and Negatives, by Stacey Ivie

Islamic Terrorism from a Risk Perspective, by Dennis M. Lormel

The Road to Money Laundering Centricity, by Paul Camacho

Effectively Auditing the Four Pillars of the Screening Process, by Abhinav Kaushik

From Law Enforcement to AML and Fraud Compliance, by Dennis M. Lormel

Interviewing Tips for Non-IT Financial Crimes Professionals, by Amy Wotapka

White-Collar Crime: The Carousel of VAT Abuse, by Natalia Stankiewicz

Community Banking Corner, by Robert J. Soniat

Emerging “Market” Trends, by Stacey Ivie

Cybersecurity: Nation-State Actors, Encrypted Cybercrimes and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, by Miguel Alcántar

Artfully Done, by Mathilde Heaton

Casinos Should Bet Big on Enhanced AML Surveillance, by Vasilios Chrisos, Paul Havalchak, Heather Finlay and Allison Wadness

You Have Been Hit With an Enforcement Action—Now what?, by Ross Marrazzo

Bridging the Gap Between Risk Assessment and Transaction Monitoring, by Jason Chorlins

The Three Building Blocks of a Centralized Compliance System, by Michael Brown

Using Data Analytics to Identify AML Risk, by Carol Stabile

Deconstructing a Fraudster, by Dennis M. Lormel

Confidential Congratulations, by Steve Gurdak

Fixing What Is Not Broken: Should you make changes to a satisfactory AML program?, by Amy Wotapka and Elaine Yancey

Attracting Compliance Talent, by Luc Meurant

Carrots and Sticks… and Sanctions, by Eric A. Sohn

The Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Identification Requirement: Why It Matters to All of Us, by Sylwia Wolos

Why the Anti-Financial Crime Community Is Strongly Positioned for a Centralized Cross-Institutional Artificial Intelligence Platform, by Jonathan Estreich

The “Risk-Based” Principle of AML Management, by Zhang Fan

Sapin II—A first step toward a European Law on corruption?, by Nathalie Bosse and Dan Benisty

Community Bankers and the New CDD Rule, by Robert J. Soniat

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