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Nomination Process

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Award Requirements

Articles published from the December 2015 – February 2016 edition through the September – November 2016 edition of ACAMS Today magazines are eligible for nomination.

Featured Articles

Sanctions and the Financing of Proliferation: Identifying Circumvention Typologies, by Jonathan Brewer

Financial Sanctions on Iran and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, by Jonathan Brewer

Risk Assessment in the Great White North, by Ken Brander

The Challenges of ID Verification When Accepting Clients, by Jacqueline van den Top

Two Cents Worth, by Steve Gurdak

Dual-Use Technology Facilitation by Import/Export Companies, by J. Tosh English

Who is the true “us” and “them?”, by Ed Beemer

An Ineffective Audit Department’s Impact on Corporate and Personal Liability, by Ross Marrazzo

Dear Board, by Amy Wotapka and Lauren Kohr

The Anti-Corruption Triangle, by Paul Camacho

Expanding Beyond Operational Metrics to Measure BSA/AML Programs, by Nik Walser, Erin McAvoy and Robert Mara

Financial Crime Risk Assessment, by Jennifer Hanley-Giersch

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Canada, by Dwayne King and Robert Hawkes

Public and Private Partnerships Come to Kazakhstan, by Jose Victor Lewis

Money Laundering and Corruption—Strange Bedfellows, by Brian Arrington

A Cautionary Tale About the Risk-Based Approach to Compliance, by Richard Bistrong

Romancing the Scams, by Aaron Archer

Dual to the death?, by Eric A. Sohn

How Terrorist Trends Evolve and How Financial Institutions Should Respond, by Dennis M. Lormel

Fantasy sports or money laundering?, by Leonardo Real and Peter Warrack

Effective Implementation of the Risk-Based Approach, by Daisuke Nakao

Retaining the Best: A Strategy for Smaller Institution Compliance Programs, by Ed Beemer

Under the Bank Secrecy Act, Casinos Must Know Their Players, by Martin J. Foncello and Timothy C. Stone

Feel the need to out-AML someone? Read This…, by Amy Wotapka

Enhanced Due Diligence in Managing Sanctions Risks, by Jennifer Hanley-Giersch

Why AML Model Validation Efforts Can Fall Short and How to Prevent It, by John Epperson and Nick Grove

Harnessing Technology to Achieve a View of Enterprise Risk, by Carol Stabile

Building an Effective Compliance Audit Function, by Ross Marrazzo

Probing the Practical Viability of FATF Standards in Preventing the Movement of Money for Terrorism, by Simon Dilloway, Dr. Nicholas Gilmour and Tristram Hicks

Defining Marijuana-Related Businesses, by Steven Kemmerling

Achieving Enterprise Risk When AML and Privacy Laws Conflict, by Carol Stabile

When Two Worlds Collide, by Joseph Mari, Peter Warrack and Leonardo Real

Fighting Money Laundering in Real Estate, by James M. Wright

How low can you go?, by Eric A. Sohn

The Lion in Wait: The Impact of the Yates Memo on Compliance and Monitoring Officials, by Michael Bret Hood

Navigating FATF Recommendation 16, by Simon Muir

Hype vs. Reality, by Paul Camacho

Compliance Solutions: Combining Cognitive Computing with Human Intelligence, by Bryan Bell and Robert A. Goldfinger

Unmasking Bias in AML Algorithms, by Alison Jimenez

AML and Lending: Building Awareness through Partnership, by Elaine Yancey and Amanda Tucker

Do Not Roll the Dice, by Peter S. Alvarado and Thomas J. Paramo

Understanding Customer Risk, by Rita Gemayel

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    Last day for entries
  • August 11
    Finalists will be announced
  • September 26
    Winner will be announced in Las Vegas


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