ACAMS 19th Annual AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference

From Past Attendees to Today’s Speakers
The Real Stories of their Evolving Careers

  • —Angel Nguyen, CAMSVice President, Global Financial Crimes Compliance, Financial Intelligence Unit | American Express

    Angel Nguyen
    My evolving career in AML is solely attributed to amazing leaders and advisors, and I view my involvement in ACAMS as my way to pay it forward. When I left my position as a prosecutor at the NYC District Attorney’s Office (NYCDA) for an opportunity to contribute to the construction of specialized investigations, I was not fully aware of what that meant. My expertise and passion was identifying, targeting, and capturing data that leads to the development of a criminal fingerprint – essentially, figuring out and getting what is critical to the prosecution of the bad guys. Little did I know how essential this process was to the foundation of a robust and effective AML program. Very quickly, my mandate grew from creating an investigative program to redefining and rebuilding and end-to-end SAR process and then to supporting a global financial crimes program. For nearly a decade, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a team that has evolved and re-invented itself multiple times in an effort to become more and more effective with each iteration. Not only have I been able to remain in a role where I can fulfill my passion, but I have also learned an immense amount about how to operationalize strategies and effectuate policies and procedures.

    I initially became a speaker to help bring more awareness of the law enforcement perspective to the AML community. Over the past nine years, my message has changed from “here’s how to help law enforcement” to “here’s how law enforcement and financial institutions can help each other.” I hope that I’ve imparted some knowledge each time I speak; I certainly learn something new with each panel – from both other speakers and attendees. For me, the most important thing to think about is how to communicate concepts in an effective way, which means being able to approach topics from multiple perspectives. My goal for each panel is for everyone to take at least one message back to their jobs and apply it. Being a speaker for ACAMS has been an exceptionally rewarding experience. I believe that sharing information and intelligence is the only way to evolve, do better and truly succeed. The AML community is a special one; the success of one is the success of all.

    ACAMS has been pivotal in my development and advancement as an AML professional. I attended my first conference in Hollywood, FL within months of starting at American Express in 2008, and have been attending and involved with speaking ever since. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to take part in the development of and facilitating the CAMS-FCI program where I have had the benefit of interacting with so many great people in multiple disciplines. In addition, ACAMS fosters a collaborative environment, making available a plethora of information and connections for all AML professionals on top of all AML-related issues.

  • —Jason Chorlins CPA, CFE, CAMSPrincipal, Risk Advisory Services | Kaufman Rossin

    Jason Chorlins
    I have come up through the ranks and earned my battle scars in the AML field. Beginning my career in South Florida has afforded me the opportunity to work on high-risk money laundering investigations and regulatory enforcement actions. With over 11 years of AML experience, I can say that I’ve had the opportunity to see it all. What I like most about my job is the ability to bring AML solutions to my clients to help mitigate risk and solve complex problems. I became a speaker more frequently as I wanted to share my experiences as I saw similar problems being faced by many of my clients. It provides the opportunity to share my experiences and provide attendees with real life solutions that they can take back and put to work.

    ACAMS has provided me with a platform to share my knowledge and experience. ACAMS is such a leader in the industry, just by being associated with the organization has provided me with the credibility as one of the top AML professionals. I will continue to support the AML industry and fully support the ACAMS organization for its continued commitment to bringing solutions to its members.