ACAMS 19th Annual AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference

Compliance Summit

This track comprises exciting explorations of some of the most important issues facing financial crime professionals today. From deep dives into the evolving methods of terrorism funding to eminently useful sessions on how to write a better SAR, these sessions are where compliance veterans and new ideas come together, producing a hybrid learning experience of practical and immediate benefit to attendees.

AML Knowledge

In a world where the complexities and responsibilities AML professionals face grows daily, the services and expertise of vendors has never more important. This track consists of sessions led by ACAMS sponsors, who share trend-tracking information on topics like artificial intelligence advances, machine learning and utilizing data analytics to strengthen risk management. At a time when no AML officer can do it all, these sessions offer insights on potentially productive partnerships you may be overlooking.

Multi-Industry Training (Casinos, Securities, MSBs)

To paraphrase the long-ago advertising slogan on orange juice: AML — it isn’t just for banking anymore. In the decades since the Bank Secrecy Act ushered in the modern era of AML, compliance has become the responsibility of industries such as casinos, securities and MSBs, with each facing unique issues in meeting regulatory expectations. These sessions draw upon industry experts from non-banking institutions, to share suggestions and solutions for meeting the distinctive compliance challenges they increasingly face.

Financial Crime Trends

At its heart, AML is, simply, about fighting financial crime. And in recent years new forms of financial crime have been enabled with everything from illicit uses of cryptocurrencies to powerful new ways to commit identity theft. ACAMS assembles leading law enforcement professionals in this powerful and moving track of sessions, covering tragic issues such as elder abuse and human trafficking, or analyzing case studies of narco-backed schemes to launder proceeds of plundered gold, this track offers practical advice for fighting financial crime with rigorous AML oversight.

Digital Developments

Maybe you’re old enough to remember your first calculator, or perhaps you came of age when writing code was a graduation requirement. No matter the stage of your career, it’s clear that technology is rapidly reinventing the world of AML, and that trend is gaining momentum in a landscape of algorithms, data analytics and innovations like blockchain. These sessions will get you up-to-date on the digital developments that are transforming compliance, providing practical knowledge that can both strengthen your AML and support your continuing professional development.

Community Bank Spotlight

Small institutions face all the regulatory requirements of their bigger brethren, but frequently must meet those obligations with considerably fewer resources than their bigger banking brethren. Whether it’s how to find the right vendor or the not-so-simple task of stretching a shoestring budget, these panels are packed with practical tips for AML departments that are routinely required to punch above their weight.

AML Operations

In an era of lightning-quick change, compliance managers have to run fast just to stay in place. These fact-packed panels give that effort a welcome boost, with sessions brimming with guidance on varied topics such as recruiting and retaining top talent, strengthening internal audits and creating operational efficiencies with actions like reducing false positives. It’s a multi-faceted track with a common theme of information to make you a more knowledgeable and effective AML manager.

Panel Discussion

Merriam-Webster says the definition of plenary is “complete in every respect.” And that is certainly the case with these panel discussions, which are designed to appeal to — well, everybody in attendance. Whether the discussion is a roundtable on recent regulatory shifts, an examination of recent enforcement actions, a deep dive on fighting fraud or a primer on preparing for a regulatory exam, these expert-led panels offer insights of value to all attendees.

Connection Corner

Want to expand your professional network? Then join like-minded colleagues at this networking session. Connection Corner brings together members of specific niches from across the highly diverse AML universe for contact creation, casual conversation and informal exchanging of ideas and interests. There’s no agenda, and the sole learning goal is the names of new friends. Meet them at Connection Corner.